Changing the World of Industrial Matting

The ins and outs of GEM Services

Golden Environmental Mat Services is an innovative access and rig matting company focusing on solutions within the Industrial Internet of Things. Our innovative mat tracking solution allows us to be leaders in our industry with an absolute commitment to providing the highest level of customer service in our industry while we promise to be on time and on budget.
We have worked with several companies in helping them gain access in impossible conditions throughout Western Canada. With our innovative solution SmartMat™, we strive to help companies in the Energy Industry to solve any and all access matting issues by creating cost efficient and effective solutions, minimizing risks and optimizing decision making with innovation.

Founded out of Golden BC, GEM Services was incorporated as a privately owned company in 2011. Client relationships are paramount to us at GEM Services and we embrace a customer first approach. The customer first mentality ensures our clients future success, and in turn our own.

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An All Access Solutions Company

As an access solutions company, GEM Services is a renter, retailer, transporter, installer and onsite mat management provider for companies. We offer a fleet of tracked access and rig mats with a total solutions delivery program focused on asset management.
We understand that different projects and locations require different types of mats to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs. You describe your needs and we will create the optimal solution.

Operations, Project Managers and Controllers want to know information about mats quantities, locations and statuses. SmartMat™, our innovative tracking solution provides an accurate way to collect this information and provides near real-time data on mats in the field. Since implementing SmartMat™ in the GEM Services fleet, we have lost zero mats on projects!

Need a hand moving mats? We would be happy to send out our full complement of heavy equipment to help with projects or trucking mats to new locations.

Steve Fisher

CEO - Business Operations & Sales

George Otcenasek

COO - Field Operations & Sales

Beth Fisher

CFO - Investor Relations

Wendy Patterson

Environmental Business Development

Steve Reid

CTO - SmartMat™ Development

Melissa Huntley

Health & Safety Manager

Our experienced team will be there when you need us and our in-depth understanding of project challenges will ensure we have the right solution for any circumstance.

Putting "Environment" in GEM Services

We work in a challenging industry where economic sustainability is dependent on our ability to minimize the ecological footprint. We manage risks through knowledge and innovative solutions that are cost effective. We will continue to pave the path for those in our industry by leveraging ideas and technology to reduce risk as a keystone of GEM Services.

GEM Services recognizes that our core business objectives will be affected by natural resource strategies. Our proactive initiatives are realized by:

- Ecosystem Services
- Cradle-To-Grave Product Development
- Strategic Risk Management

Embracing Safety From The Top

We are committed to creating a new standard of safety excellence in the matting service industry. The GEM Services safety policies are not simply laid out in a binder and locked away in an office. Management and employees embrace ownership over their safe work environment and are trained to recognize hazards and appropriately manage risks on a daily basis.

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