Zero Lost Mats Since
Implementating SmartMat™

SmartMat™ is our innovative mat tracking solution that was designed to solve the problems of access matting. With embedded RFID tags and GPS tracking, we are able to track the exact location of every tagged mat in the field, provide project information and analytics through an online platform.

Innovation is the Key to Future
Success in the Energy Industry

Industrial matting project inefficiencies and lost mats cost the North American energy industry up to $535,000,000 every year. Fundamentally, it is all caused by unknown and inaccurate information.

Project Managers, CFO's and Operations need to know information such as mat quantities, locations and statuses. SmartMat™ provides an accurate way to collect this information and help people start understanding.

Why SmartMat™

Reduced Costs

  • Eliminated Asset Abandonment
  • Improved Transportation Logistics
  • Minimized Bottlenecks
Increased Efficiencies

  • Reduced Project Downtime
  • Streamlined Data Entry / Reporting Verification
  • Improved Project Execution
Optimized Decision Making

  • Improved Budgeting
  • Mitigated Liabilities
  • Predicted Mat Lifecycles

"Game Changer in the Mat Industry"

- CEO, Sterling Lumber


Data Capture

Mats are "chipped" with RFID tags which give them a unique ID. Each piece of heavy equipment moving mats in the field is outfitted with hardware and embedded computer systems. Every time a piece of heavy equipment touches or moves a mat, the exact GPS location and status updates of the mat is captured, stored, then sent to the "cloud" where this information is accessed through our web application.

SmartMat™ collects the information you need without altering operational procedures, or adding operational overhead.

Any Mat Can Be "Smart"

Any type of access mat can be converted into a SmartMat™ whether it is new or old.

Normal Mat Known Information Smart Mat
Type of Wood
Location (GPS)
Damage Level
Historical Data

Data & Analytics

Stop Losing & Start Understanding

The SmartMat™ Service offers companies access to an online dashboard with mapping functionality that provides a transparent view of all mat deployment information and project histories. SmartMat™ will provide better control, reduced risk and more efficient deployment of mat assets unlike the current process used by companies who rely on manual mat counting.

Intelligent Notifications

Get notified when certain events happen such as when heavy machinery or transport trucks move mats.

Advanced Reports

Review every mat movement, transport truck load/unload, and daily reporting.

Analytical Tools

Data analytics will ensure you make better decisions, and improve future project planning and execution.

Product Demo

Try out our web application and see how easy SmartMat™ is to use.